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The following organizations and individuals have generously supported this project.

Financial Support

National Science Foundation Award Nos. IIS-0849270, IIS-0325035, IIS-1143966, and IIS-1302709. The Information School, University of Washington Seattle University School of Law UW Foundation John and Virginia Meisenbach Young Oh

Participants from the ICTR

We thank the participants from the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda for sharing their experiences, reflections, stories, and insights.


Holly Brauchli (SU), Christopher Dearing (SU), Katie Derthick (UW), Bette Fleishman (SU), Matthew Forman (SU), Charles Gust (UW), Bethany Litwin (SU), Adriana Menocal (SU), Kimberly Newsum (UW), Caleb Oken-Berg (SU), Garrett Oppenheim (SU), Nicolas Pottier (Trileet Inc), Karen Quitlong (SU), Susannah Sharp (SU), Micol Sirkin (SU), Kyle Silk-Eglit (SU), Patricia Sully (SU), Jessica Tseng (SU), Audrey Udashen (SU)


Tribunal interviews have been translated into Kinyarwanda by Corporate Language Services.


The views expressed in the video interviews are those of the speaker and do not necessary reflect the views of the Value Sensitive Design Research Lab, Information School, University of Washington, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, United Nations, or the funders of this project.

Future Support

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