Philippe Larochelle
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missed opportunities to fight a culture of impunity


On impunity, the RPF has never been prosecuted. There is massive amount of evidence showing that Kagame and his gang is also responsible for some of the stuff that happened. How come they’ve never been prosecuted?
So the message is really take power, hold on to it as much as you can and as strongly as you can, and you will not be worried. And that’s the message it’s sending. These people, these other dictators are not crazy. They see what’s going on here. They saw how the, the war unfolded.
Kagame was controlling a part of the territory right from the beginning. All the north of the country was under RPF control and there massive, there were massive casualties there. There are m-, massacres committed there.
And now it’s slowly dripping out now. We’re nearing the end of this thing and we’re getting statements and we’re getting this, this – Louise Arbour stopped the investigation on, on, on these things which I, I – it’s, you know, to us in the defense it was very (_) difficult to understand.
But anyway, I think – so, fighting the culture (__), o-, of impunity – missed opportunity. Missed opportunity, like no objectivity, no balance. You’re just like – one side of the story, “You guys are guilty,” “We’re going to prosecute these guys.” Some of them, maybe.
I’m not disputing the fact here that, that, that people that are responsible i-, in what happened should be prosecuted and should, should, should be well prosecuted. So, but all of them should be prosecuted. So that’s, I think, the first missed opportunity. The other one is to find out what happened in Rwanda in 1994.
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23 October, 2008
Arusha, Tanzania
Lisa P. Nathan
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Part 3
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