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definitions of genocide


My own view is that the word genocide implies that there was a plan, that it wasn’t a spontaneous act. It wasn’t a spur – it was, it, it was a planned action. That is the thesis of Alison Des Forges in the Prosecution’s office, and I should say, having read judgments and been involved in two cases, I have never seen any evidence of a plan on the part of those who are accused to commit genocide.
And I want to say that, because genocide is loosely used. That is not at all to mitigate the horrors or the tragedies faced by all of the people, but I think genocide connotes in large part also an emotional reaction.
I believe that under some systems, there was a plan, you know. I think in the case of Germany there was a plan against all of the peoples that were murdered. And (_), in the apartheid regime planned, and they documented apartheid. There has been no documentation provided by the prosecution as proof of a plan.
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November 3, 2008
Arusha, Tanzania
Batya Friedman
Ron Slye
Max Andrews
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Part 11
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