Straton Musonera
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working at the Tribunal as a Rwandan


As a Rwandan working here, for instance in the outreach program, there is a kind of insight that I have that a foreigner doesn’t have vis-à-vis a Rwandan. You know, when you are preparing an outreach program, you have to, to understand your, your target, your target au-, audiences, what they want and even their culture because any message is not ac-, accepted by a given group.
And also, you have to understand which kind of channel that you may use to impact on your targeted audience. That’s as a, as a Rwandan, I have a certain knowledge of that because I worked in Rwanda and also I know the kind of feeling that my country mates have. I know the kind of problems that they have because even before working for the United Nations, I was working for a social mobilization program in Rwanda for United Nations Funds for, for Children, UNICEF.
So I know very well my country. I know my country mates, though it's, I cannot say 100% that I know everyone but I know the dyna-, social dynamics of my, my society and this is really, really, very, very important.
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October 14, 2008
Arusha, Tanzania
Lisa P. Nathan
Donald J Horowitz
Max Andrews
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Part 2
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