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defense counsel views on mistakes in the courtroom


You know, one of the things that it’s, it's, it's hard not to do is get cynical here, because you can really flow through and I have seen teams flow through five years of it with just being completely incompetent. And I just, you know, I don't have that many years in the bar, but sometimes you just think of it, oh, and (__), the prosecutor in our case and many cases here, entirely incompetent.
I know that the prosecution closing brief is confidential, but there’s nothing confidential about the fact that most of their references to their own evidence – and I’ve just wasted five days doing this, just, I mean it doesn’t help us in the closing brief, but it’s just to give it a little, you know, sling at them in the closing brief – are wrong. They just plain don’t – either the witness didn’t say what they thought they (___) they said, or they’ve just cited it wrong, or they’ve actually just made up dates which nobody testified on.
So forget like their – the power of legal reasoning. Just purely from high school editing standards, and they have resources. Really, really you know, sort of their, their batting order goes way down. B5’s and B4’s and, you know, so I'm not even talking about the strength of the legal argument which is atrocious, but I'm just talking about simple editing.
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October 15, 2008
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