Roland Amoussouga
Spokesperson for the Tribunal
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October 29, 2008; October 30, 2008
Arusha, Tanzania
Batya Friedman
Donald J Horowitz
Ronald Slye
Robert Utter
Max Andrews
6:01 - 9:21


Batya Friedman: For a minute now what I’d like to do is take you back to the spring of 1994 – in your mind to go back there for a minute. And what were you doing in 1994? Where were you and . . .
To begin with, I will say that after I joined the UN in ‘93, I was dispatched to various field mission in terms of helping out with the, the electoral process, the democratization process, the good governance project that the UN has at that time.
And after my mission to Haiti, I was briefly sent to South Africa for the United Nation mission to South Africa which was in charge of helping organizing the election and promoting peace and reconciliation prior to the election and following the conferences that were held in South Africa to facilitate negotiation between the establishment and the ANC as well as Inkatha and all the other opposition parties.
So I was, I was, I, I was sent in F-, February ‘94 to South Africa and one of my key role was to be a provincial coordinator for the training of all the UN observers, the Commonwealth observers, the African Union observers and the European Union observers.
We were a pool of ten trainers and we have to train them on the electoral law; how to monitor such an election and to get them to also understand their role in terms of the peace building and the peace consolidation through the result of the negotiation of (______ ) and all the other negotiations that took place which brought to the forefront of the political arena the issue of the end of apartheid.
So I was, I was back from my field. I was posted in the Northern Cape in the beautiful city of Kimberly. I don’t know if you know of Kimberly. It’s the place where you have the biggest hole of diamond in the world; where they got, they dug the biggest hole and to extract diamond. And Kimberly was in the Northern Cape. And I was recalled to cover one of the Mandela last, last campaign rally at the FMB stadium . . .
Note: Gap in Interview (Approx. 17 minutes in duration.) Gaps occurred due to interruptions during the interview, technical issues, or corrupted data files.