Roland Amoussouga
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developing a team of 'Humanitarian Firefighters'


I also believe that given the way things are happening throughout the world, the UN should have somewhere a database of what I will call the “humanitarian firefighters,” who once you have been in such a situation, they have to log you into a database and from time to time like what they do for the vets, for the people who are soldiers, they recall you from time to time and give you a briefing to update you, to help you to update your skills, so that these people can be a reliable source, resources for any deployment that the UN can order.
Because this is an, an experience that is unique. I hope it will not happen all the time but the reality is showing otherwise, you see. Sudan is there. Various mission, even peacekeeping in the DRC. Those are realities that you have to equipped. And you should not allow all those expertise that have been developed to go and to die.
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October 29, 2008; October 30, 2008
Arusha, Tanzania
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