Charles Adeogun-Phillips
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the ICTR and ICTY as unique experiments


One has to bear in mind that the ICTR and the ICTY are indeed unique exper-, experiments that will never be repeated; they will never be. We would never find institutions like this again. First of all, they’ve cost too much money, they’ve gone on for so long, they’re extremely elaborate in their, in their setup. And more importantly, the crimes that the ICTY and the ICTR have had to deal with will never in our lifetime reoccur.
I, I, I can almost guarantee it. I can’t imagine anyone in this world sitting back to allow the magnitude of what took place in Rwanda to reoccur. You can see the response to Congo in the last week. In, in, within five days, we’ve had five diplomatic missions from the U.S., the foreign minister of France, and the British foreign minister all coming to Kigali and saying, “We have to solve this problem.”
Therefore, it is going, it is, to my mind personally, it is unlikely that the world would sit back and allow what happened in Rwanda to happen. So in terms of the scale of the atrocities, I can’t imagine us ever having to confront this sort of crime. So the crimes themselv-, in their selves are unique, either here or in Bosnia.
In terms of the cost, I would very much doubt that the world would ever see tribunals that will be funded from the regular budget of the United Nations. You only need to look at Cambodia and Sierra Leone and East Timor to see that. It would never happen. They would be funded by donations from interested parties. They would never have the sort of funding that they’ve had from the, from the regular budget. So all in all, these are very unique experi-, experiments that would probably never, ever be repeated.
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Nigeria / Great Britain
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November 6, 2008
Arusha, Tanzania
Lisa P. Nathan
Robert Utter
Max Andrews
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Part 6
In December 2015, an error with the interviewee's surname and nationality was identified and corrected as follows: (1) surname changed from "Phillips" to "Adeogun-Phillips"; (2) nationality changed from "Great Britain" to "Nigeria/Great Britain."
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