Alessandro Caldarone
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reforming an organization from the bottom to the top


The issue for me is very often when we look an organization, we want to reform the organization, to reorganize, reorganize the, reorganize the organization from the top to the bottom. For me this is wrong. We should start from the bottom to the top. We have to recognize our people, our colleagues from the cleaners to everybody. It will make a team out of that.
If you have the judge just living like a semi-god, I don’t think that is anymore of a, actuality – maybe Greece before but not now. So we have really to, to look from the bottom to the top. That is really what I believe should be done.
And I believe you give morality, you put morality in these rules of law, as people say. When you have morality in the rule of law, you become a rule of justice where everybody has access. Everybody will feel satisfied. Everybody will do a better job. The quality will improve. That is what I strongly believe.
And if I was the Registrar, this what I was going to do – call everybody, discuss with everybody, consult everybody and find out solutions.
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November 3, 2008
Arusha, Tanzania
Lisa P. Nathan
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Part 10
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